How to Get a Good Paying Teacher Job //

How to Get a Good Paying Teacher Job
Author: Pradeep   Date: Mar 2020

Whether you are looking for a shorter shift, a raise or a more cordial work environment, finding and obtaining a new job as a teacher takes time and effort. By preparing in advance to make the change, you will decrease your anxiety and increase your chances of getting the position you want. There are several things you can do to ensure a smooth change from your previous job to the new one.

Steps to follow:

1. Update your resume to reflect all relevant information. Add your current position and detail your duties, update your address and phone number, and include some additional education and professional development courses you have completed.

2. Search for several jobs that match your preferences. If you choose based on a school’s reputation, geographic location or openings in the topics you would like to teach, determine some criteria for selecting the positions that appeal to you.

3. Take advantage of the interview. Talk about your love for teaching, the attributes and special skills you bring to the class, and your success in your current position. Be brave when describing your strengths. Stay honest about any weaknesses you may have, and outline a plan to improve your skills. Also offer letters of recommendation, and provide the interviewer with updated contact information for your reference.
How to Get a Good Paying Teacher Job

4. Accept the best offer. Only you can determine the criteria that each school meets in your ideal work list. Weigh the pros and cons, and choose the school and district where you think you will be happier. Whether it is an opportunity to chair an important committee, gain greater parental involvement or teach gifted children, there is usually something that makes one offer stand out among the others.

5. Leave your previous position on good terms. In due notice to the district that is leaving, tie up loose ends and leave the classroom in perfect condition. If you leave mid-year, create a manifesto of important information that the new teacher needs to know.

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