How to Get Traffic by Forum Posting //

How to Get Traffic by Forum Posting
Author: Pradeep   Date: Mar 2020

Forum marketing is one of the old and easiest ways to get quick traffic to your site. Most forums let you add a signature file to your account that automatically gets added to every post you make. Best thing here is you can include url link in your signature. But, now a days no admin likes links on any members posts including signature. Caution! there are some factors that will affect your website ranking, which is normally calculated by how much percentage of traffic you get to your website from a single source?

Getting more traffic from your forum signature is not easy, always make sure you add value to the forum first i.e. You have to be an active and popular member on that forum which makes your trust grow, side by traffic growth will be your fruit.

If you were newly joined a forum and put a link in your signature right away, chances are you won't get many clicks because people don't know you. And making a bunch of useless posts to get your signature seen is even worse, and you might end up getting yourself banned from that forum.

The right way to approach forum marketing is to provide value first. Reply to other people's posts, answer questions and generally become a contributing member of the community. It's usually best to not even add a signature until you've been active for a while, particularly in markets where marketing is not allowed.
How to Get Traffic by Forum Posting

How to Get Traffic by Forum Posting

Take for instance, it's probably going to be more acceptable to add a signature right away in the internet marketing niche since most of the forum's members would likely be marketers themselves.

It's best to think of forum marketing as being very similar to doing it in person, face-to-face. You wouldn't hit people with a big sales pitch the first time you meet them, so why would you do that in an online community? You're not meeting them in person which gives you a certain amount of anonymity, but that doesn't mean you should skip your manners.

After you become a recognizable member of the forum, you can add your signature link along with an offer if that's appropriate. This could be a report or ebook, a webinar recording or any type of incentive appropriate for the market. By offering something to the forum members, chances are you'll get a lot more clicks on your link.

Key points:
1. Earn trust from forum admin and members.
2. Contribute your time and intelligence to the forum.

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