200% profitable business? what is this business?

I had read so many articles and answers on many forum websites that suggest one to start your own YouTube channel, write blogs, Affiliate Marketing etc...

I personally observed and experienced that above suggested ideas requires a lot of patience. Those businesses require at least internet, a laptop/PC with a camera, good/valuable content that requires qualified candidate and finally huge amount of time investment. Conclusively, it’s a financial risk.

But I have came across with an actual story of one of my friends who started his business with only ₹500 if you model what he started 4 years ago.

When I was in college we both in different class rooms, his thinking process is sound and solid that 95% of students doesn't have. He was able to pay his 1 lakh annual college fee from his own business.


Once i saw an advertisement posture which was like approachable doorstep solution. What that advertisement was? Before revealing that, let me explain how the thought process of a businessman differs from other 90% population:

My friend and myself had seen many people looking for accommodation in our college including staff's.

I thought, what a big deal catch a broker roam around the city for a week and book a house. We Indian youngsters have a tendency that it's a brokers job but actual truth is not that. Here my friend thought differently that, I can make money from utilizing this opportunity.

On a pleasant occasion myself and my friend having a chat about buying a motorcycle, he said i will only buy when i don't pay to get a motorcycle. I got confused, what? How will you buy anything without paying? He replied i even don't get money from my parents for college fees of 1 lakh per year. I got totally surprised and thought he is lying. 

But, still curious to know how he paying his fees. 

Then he started the story,...

Do you remember that time when so many people looking for houses in our college? Yes I replied. 

My friend explains, During that period I decided to spend some time and went downtown to roam around looking for vacant houses/sharing PG's.

I met a family that was seeking paying guests.

Then i began a discussion with the family, collecting all information regarding fees, water supply, electric supply, and advance amount.

The next day I woke up early morning and left with my laptop to start designing an advertisement of the room rental.

In that advertisement, I had mentioned all facilities, fees, the room location, and my contact information. I finished and took the design to the Xerox shop for printouts.

I pinned a lot on college notice boards.

Within two days I received 50–60 calls!

I made a list of all buyers.(approx.55)

I told them about the room and my fee of ₹500 per person. The landlord was also made aware of that fee.

I showed it to 4 guys, and one of them was ready to move in - completing my 1st deal by the end of the day!

So now I had ₹1000 in my pocket with 54 tenant contacts, and the excitement that this is a potential goldmine!

I appointed a local boy who was not very literate and didn't belong to my college.

I told him I’d pay ₹50 per house found from searching for rental houses in the city and giving me the details with contact information.

This time I was left with 40 potential buyers.

I successfully made all 40 deals!

I got 40×1000=40,000(+)

Local boy reward 40×50=2,000(-)

My initial investment was = 500(-)

So I made total = ₹37,500

This all happened in one month.

Now I appointed two local boys.

One to post advertisements in crowded areas and the other for finding the rooms.

As a conclusion, he made around 12 lakhs in last academic year excluding employee payouts and initial investment.

At this time period he bought a car for 5 lakhs as a business expense.

He charge around Rs. 15,000/- per month by renting it.

So his monthly income was 15000+35,000= ₹50,000.(including local boy payout, investment, car maintenance)

Annual income is 6 lakh rupees without a job.

As he started working with MNC as engineer and his starting salary was Rs. 6.5 lakhs per annum. Now he is getting 9.5 lakhs per annum.

So his total annual income sums up with approx value of Rs. 16 lakh per year.

His major work load is to manage employees and maintain the car.

My friend's future plan is to open security agency services, man power supply, school buses etc. Soon he will make income beyond Rs. 35 lakhs per annum. 

I started my business from ₹500, Hope you like my friends story.

Successful businessman's truth:

1) Problem = Potential business

2) Big Problem = Huge Potential business

Team work facts:-

Every single drop of water overtime becomes ocean. 


A butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can produce a tornado in Texas. (Small differences in initial conditions yield widely diverging outcomes, Chaos theory


Ants running on stone for years becomes a track/art.

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