I'm 15 and going to run away. What should I bring, when should I leave, and where should I go?

So, I did exactly that when I was 15. Me and my friend, I had saved 55 whole dollars! I just took my bicycle to school like always to not arouse suspicion. But with additional bag were I collected my memorable childhood photos favorite cloths, etc... The reason said to parents for extra bag was annual day competition rehearsal at school. I went to the school and gave all my belonging to my friend, because he was the planner of all these. 

The same day after school ends I came back to my home and he went to his with my belongings. During those days there was no mobile phone for communication. For the next one week he was on leave, I don't know where he gone. After a week passed he came to school and examination preparations started, with the josh I forgot about running away. 

One fine day I asked him to bring back my belongings. But, unfortunately he didn't bring any single thing. After exams completed I went to his home to check. Here comes the twist, his whole family got shifted. That's the day I realized I was fooled and never to trust anyone other than family members.

Think of a scenario of successfully running away from home, where do you think we might survived? Answer is big No

Things to remember in life:-

The thing is people are afraid of the system and culture at home. but, trust me it is much safer than the street. If you know you absolutely cannot stay in your home any longer, because of forced pushing out by them, then trust yourself. But then avail yourself of the help of a trusted adult - relative, parent of a friend, aunt or uncle, school teacher. Let someone who either cares about you or is invested in your success somehow give you a start. Don’t just hop on a bus to somewhere. Don't run away to any big cities. They have folks posted at bus and train terminals, looking for runaways. Both official, who will scoop you up and plop you in a shelter while they try to find and call your parents, and non official, who are there to offer you work like selling drugs or yourself. Be smart. Be safe from human trafficking, human trafficking is a hell of life. 

But do follow your gut on this, bare with any hurdle, stress, scolding, preaching comes in your life at home. This all advises, preachings are came from their own experience just bare with it and think over it why they say such things, sit with them and ask them why, what's the reason you say so? Be with your family, because they are the only trust worthy people for you available always. You will get the answer when you become them.

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