Common 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating or Designing a Business Website

When designing your first website, you’ll find many tips online "what & How to get started". Sometimes their message contradict each other. You might get confused, because the questions you ask and answer you find might vary. There’s a simpler approach focus on what not to do first. When you eliminate the mistakes, it’s easier for you to do the right things. But remembering those mistakes is the tedious thing.
If you own a small physical business it is very important to have online presence of it. The site is like an asset, which have some maintenance. But, conveys your brand’s message to the valuable relevant audience. You want the best representation for that, correct? Those who engage in web designing for the first time, the process seems easy at first, because of various tools available from the service providers. Then you just directly jump start with a free Blog or Word Press project and get it done in an hour, they just looks like a mess or insufficient or some options are unavailable for users. That’s not what, even your-self as an user accept or like to visit back that kind of website.
Even when buying a Pre made templates, web design is still hard. It should reflect the brand’s spirit in addition to technical skills. You can’t just copy a competitor’s work as happened during trending time of Yoga, there a company filed a case against the competitor and shut's down that website.
As you may ask, competitors and we are in the same industry there are plenty of websites are created day by day under same niche. One or the other way contents might look a like, yes of course. Take schools and colleges for example they all should follow the same syllabus for a particular field. I am not encouraging copy & paste any bodies hard work. Copy paste can be easily found by search engines, you can’t make money or even your website will be shut down, all the investments you made will be wasted.
List of Very Common Mistakes to Avoid in Web Designing:
Below I have listed 7 common mistakes that beginners made when designing websites. Avoid these to have a successful online business website. Following below practices keeps Adsense away from suspension and increases traffic at the same time.

Defending using the words “Industry Standard”
Let’s have a look at the incident happened between two leaders of online industry. Owners of Cody blamed the Omstars owners for copying the Cody site. In their public letter, Cody site included screenshots showing the clear similarities between the two sites. The owner of Omstars called that it’s “industry standard”. There’s no industry standard that imposes copying pages from other sites.

Such practices have a name: plagiarism. When you copy content from another site, its owner has every right to take legal action against you. Before that as a first step, they will legally take your website down till further clear orders. If found guilty will be heavily fined. It’s not worthy of the risk taken. Isn’t it
We will just keep this in mind and work for uniqueness our-self. Why get into others way or ears, when we can create our own content. You may include FAQs, guarantees, and other similar offers that your competitor also have. Other than that the content on your pages, posts should have to be 100% unique.
Do you know what most experienced business owners do when they start their websites? They hire freelance writers to create unique content for them. When you combine unique design with unique content, you’re on right path.

Not Designing for Mobile First
Google already called out their web designers to prepare for mobile first indexing. Since July 2019, the search engine started indexing and ranking the mobile version of a site before its desktop version.
If you opt for responsive design that works well on both desktop and mobile, this doesn’t mean much for you. But, if you choose to invest more and have separate URLs for the desktop and mobile versions, owners are in big disadvantage as they might not be able to have all their pages listed. Google will prioritize the mobile site for indexing.
Dynamic serving is a huge personalization trend. If you design a site that serves content based on the user’s devices and browsers, you should be ready for mobile-first indexing as well. When developing content, you must include it on your mobile site as well. All structured and meta data should be available there, too. Consider the fact that Google will crawl the mobile version instead of the desktop mode. So focus on making it perfect!

Neglecting the Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
You might assemble the best team of writers and designers, who understand what you need and help you share that content. You’ll be regular with the content updates and you’ll invest all possible efforts in analytics. You will build a fast, secure, and beautiful website. You might think who needs SEO when you have all the above. That doesn’t make SEO less important. Content quality, keywords and all technical elements are really important, too.

Implementing the right keywords and phrases into context matters a lot. Imagine someone using voice search to ask the exact question that you used as a subheading. Of course Google will notice that. It’s more likely to get your page featured in the most relevant results.
Search engine optimization is hard work. It demands lot of research. When done well it gets your site higher in the search engine ranking. That increases your website traffic and good reach of your product. When you attract more visitors to your site, you get an opportunity to convert them into paying customers of your business. That’s what we are working here for.

Avoid Using Flash Script
When we are new to web design we might come across flash plug-in or flash scripts. Look’s glamorous. Few major browsers already stopped supporting flash they insist to download extension for your own self sooner other all browsers will stop supporting flash.
Why can’t we use at least for 1 article? Few reasons about the eradication of Flash which I had learned are, Flash is bad because it doesn’t support on android & I OS mobiles. It’s an outdated technology that seriously hurts your search engine ranking. Steve Jobs made a decision after realizing that Flash consumed too much memory and drained battery faster than normal. There were lots of security issues, which include malware and bugs in their system?
If you completed course for web designing and making your first step into the industry, you shouldn’t even bother learning how Flash works. Flash is finally being left in history. Focus on api, HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS instead. That will cover your needs.

Avoid Too Many Ads That Are Irrelevant
Main theory of monetizing a website is by advertisement, ads are necessary. But positioning ads are very important. Placing ads where contents hide and making it completely irrelevant to the point of your content readers is a bad sign and it will be a web-design disaster.
Imagine landing on a website that features gaming reviews. You’re creating your online games list that you felt good to buy or play free online. So, when you are almost impressed with the content finally “here comes the villain” i.e. ads prevent you from focusing on the content. Say pop up ads, ads nearly looks like content which deviates the story line, ads says click here to download are some examples which irritates you. Right!!!
The same thing happens when the visitors to your website see irrelevant ads. If you’re going to feature advertisements, make them useful for your target audience by enabling relevant category of ads. This game review site would benefit from ads in the same category.
Also, you shouldn’t make the ads too noisy. Forget about audio, video ads with automatic playing feature ON. Don’t make them most noticeable element of the design. Never use pop-ups most designers know this Adsense will suspend for using pop-up ads. Make the ads as delicate as possible. If your website is awesome in all its elements, businesses will be interested by visitors and promoted by them. Effortless work…

Not Making Website Reader-Friendly
As I always mention in How to increase organic traffic & SEO perspective, think like you are the reader of your site, That’s the recipe of success. Also long-form content has greater chances to rank high on search engines. Google always wants to lead its users towards more specific keyword and complete answers. That’s because people want to find all the information they need at one place. It’s more convenient when compared to doing multiple searches and bouncing from one tab to another.
Lengthy texts content doesn’t mean making lengthy single paragraph. It’s important to break it up into small paragraphs with subtitles, bullet points, tables, and other elements that make it easier to digest. Don’t make content boring at the same time.
Insert each post with some relevant fun visuals that contribute towards the essential message. The posts are still long, but they are so easy to read that you don’t notice how time goes by while you’re at that website. That’s the effect you have to achieve. Fun content is your main objective, but final presentation matters more.

Automatic Video/Audio
I already mentioned this mistake in the context of Avoid too many ads. But if it’s your own content, you still don’t have the foundation to force it to your audience.
I know; IMDB does it. People hate that site for this manner’s. Say visitors want to see information about a particular movie, so they open the page in a tab, along with a few other tabs from other sites. They were peacefully does their work suddenly they get freak out by hearing loud noise. They know they haven’t hit play on anything. Play sign on a tab shows where the sound came from. Do you know what the first instinct is? CLOSE THAT XXX TAB! Do you really think people are going to open it and scroll to see where the sound is coming from and pause it. You made them nervous, so they won’t give you that kind of attention. They will get the same information at another site. Good bye… Please don’t make this mistake!. That seriously affects your traffic. Some leave bad comments, too.

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